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Check-in/check-out: check in time is 2pm. Check out time is 12

Quiet time: 10pm-7am

Children: MUST be supervised and accompanied by an adult at
ALL times! Parents and guardians are fully responsible for the
safety and behavior of their children.

Wifi: Range extenders, direct connect (most roku, chromecast,
amazon firetv, google home, etc) are NOT allowed and will be

Pets: 2 pet maximum with no aggressive pets and/or breeds
allowed. Pets must have all required vaccinations. When outside
of camper, and while walking (except in field), all pets must be kept
on a leash no longer than 6ft. Clean up after your pets and place
waste in a pet waste station! Take necessary steps when leaving
pet in camper to prevent them from disturbing others. Keep pets
on pavement until you reach common areas. When using the Pet
Park, do not leave pets unattended and clean up after your pet.  
Do NOT leave pets unattended outside of camper.

Vehicles: Management will show you parking locations.  All
vehicles must be moved to accommodate mowing.

Golf Carts: Must be registered with the office, have liability
insurance, and follow park rules.  No ATVs or gas powered golf
carts.  Please notify if bringing a trailer as our overflow space is

General: No firearms, fireworks, skateboards, or electric bug
killers are allowed.  Responsible behavior is expected.  Alcoholic
beverages are not allowed in the public areas of the park. Public
drunkenness or improper conduct is not permitted.  Please respect
others.  Do not walk through occupied sites.

Laundry: Washer and dryer use is not permitted in RV’s. There are
laundry facilities at each bathhouse. We have change at the office.
Please attend machines and remove laundry when finished.

Trash: Trash is self-served and must be placed in the dumpster.

Visitors: Must check in at the office BEFORE entering the
campground. Inform your visitors of campground rules. You are
responsible for their actions.

All sites: Must be kept clean and neat at all times as determined by
management. No outside garbage.

RV/vehicle Washing: Do NOT wash your vehicle at the
campground. Those staying 3-5 months can wash campers 1-time

VIOLATION: Violation of park rules and regulations and any
county or state laws or legal ordinances will be grounds for
eviction. Guests in violation will be asked to leave the park. NO
REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  Management reserves the right to
deny service to anyone who does not abide by the rules and

This property is privately owned.  All guests hereby release and
indemnify Down by the River Campground, its officers, and
employees from any and all liability for loss or damage to property
and or injury to person arising out of the use of Down by the River
Campground's property and facilities. Please help us keep the
park safe and beautiful.

Thank you for being considerate of your neighbors.  We really
appreciate all of you and the way you cooperate to help each
other.  Please enjoy your stay at Down by the River Campground!