I have more than two pets. Is this a problem?

Our pet policy is firm. It is there to minimize noise and neglected waste. Size and weight are not a factor. We cannot accommodate you if you have more than two pets.

How do I pay for my site?

We do not accept any form of credit cards or digital payments. We require check deposits for all reservations if mailing time allows. Otherwise, you may upon arrival. Please ensure that all deposits are received within two weeks from the day the reservation was made. Your reservation may be deleted if it’s not guaranteed within that time.

If I reserve for a month and want to extend, will the rate be pro-rated?

No, our rates start over with the full daily rate, until you reach a week, etc.

How do I become a Seasonal camper?

If we do not have any sites readily available, a site must be vacated or sold before we can add a new seasonal. The sites on our map marked with # are short term sites (daily-monthly). You may ask to be added to our waiting list and we will call you as soon as we are able.

If we have available space, you can join our community at any time! The season rate will not be pro-rated if you join “late”.

Everyone’s “season” is determined based on when they join the campground. Also, you would need to read and agree to our policy packet. See Rates tab for fees. – We are not accepting any more park model units, destination trailers, or toy haulers. All other units that are brought in must be younger than 10 years old and have photo authenticity for quality.

Why can’t I use my laundry facilities in my RV?

We are on a septic system and don’t want our tanks to get overwhelmed by the extra water usage. We have a large, clean coin laundry room attached to the Activity Center, and a smaller one at the small bath house.

How do I receive mail in the campground?

FedEx/UPS: use your name, our physical address + your site number. 292 River Campground Rd, Site ___, Pineola, NC 28662

Can I bring my golf cart?

Golf cart use is reserved for our seasonal campers and those with documented ADA requirements only.

TV/WiFi access?

TV: satellite or antennae only; no cable. We also offer DVDs in the office on a sign out system.

WiFi: high quality, high speed internet reaches the whole campground. Please see our WiFi usage policy in the Rules tab.

Late check-in/check-outs?

– Late check-ins are considered anytime after 5pm. Management lives on campus full time, so we will always be here to check you in. If you arrive after 8pm, we will pin a marked map on our bulletin board, and you may settle your tab in the morning if necessary.

– Check-outs: typical check out time is 12pm. If the site is available, a fee of $5/hour will be charged for requested late check-outs. Departures 4pm or later will be assessed as a full day.